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      libkakashi-dev(10) - an overly introverted teenager who spends way too much time 
                           staring at the screen.

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      He's mostly known by the name Apoorv or Kakashi on the internet, and doesn't have 
      any particular preference among the two. 
      After spending some not-so-decent amount of time thinking what to write in his 
      desciption, he decided what any intelligent person would do: make his friends do 
      the work for him. These were the results:

      "hackerperson" - TheDrone7
      "ew crypto fan" - LordPoseidon

      "u r stubborn, but cute and cool also... and u can be dumb and annoying when it 
      comes to feminism bruh :v but u likes phy (which is cool and when u talk about it 
      sounds cute) and the thing which i love the most about u is that u r the only 
      dumdum who laughs on my jokes 
      i have nothing more to say
      cant call u cringe esle idk u'll unfrends me or soemthing
      smh" - LilyKhan

      "Weeb who cant think of enough excuses to not work on venlo and volant" - Cow
      "go nerd who says bruh" - Sugarfi
      He plans on adding more of these as he finds them, from the people he has known 
      for a while. If you're one of those, you can hit him up on discord and tell him 
      what to add, assuming you already know his discord.

PROJECTS         top

      This is the list of projects he has worked on and completed enough to have 
      something presentable. He is very infamous for working hard on projects for weeks 
      and then abandoning them when he looses interest, which is the reason this list 
      is not too long even though the actual number of things he has worked on is 
      probably way too huge.

      His very first group project. Got second prize in Replit’s massively multiplayered 
      hackathon, and a comment from Amjad saying “This is so awesome”. The project was 
      shut down after the poor Replit Crosis API rested in peace.
      A small half-documented database management system he made long ago. Little did he 
      know that there was an official one with the same name coming soon.
      Another database management system he made, back when he was learning C, with 
      nothing more than the raw open, read, write and close syscalls. It was pretty basic, 
      but the amount of effort it took him to build this back then still makes him want 
      to keep it on this page.

      An imperative programming language he made in a month for the replit language jam. 
      Had the longest remarks from the judges out of all other languages: 
      “Slightly higher level C not intended to be totally safe. Well thought 
      out/reasoned tradeoffs. I really like that it outputs plain C. This is very useful 
      in bootstrapping a new language, since C toolchains are ubiquitous and new language 
      toolchains are a massive investment. Interesting that GC is optional and could be 
      used as leak detector in future versions. Even if it was just a C dialect with 
      usable closures, it could be a big win by that alone.”
      Though, it didn't end up having a big win after all. Won the prize for technical 
      difficulty, and while Apoorv was pissed back then about loosing, he pretty soon 
      realized how poorly designed the langauge was.

      He redesigned the entire language once after the jam, with the new compiler written 
      in the old version of the language itself. This time the language did actually have 
      some pretty decent and novel ideas, but not even a bit of it was documented because 
      of his lack of brain cells.
      Even today, on lonely nights, he dreams about continuing the project and writing 
      more segfaults that take him days to debug.
      Worked on the backend and infrastructure of Wrote the tweets fetching, 
      parsing and storing code. Not the most technically advanced work he did, but this 
      project sure gave him the highest credentials of all others. had more 
      than a million visits per day within almost a week of launch. Most importantly, it 
      saved some lives.

      Rewrote the logic for fetching and parsing covid leads from twitter for the 
      covidconnect repository, which he now also maintains. It's used by organizations 
      like to gather covid leads from Twitter.

      A platform that helps people find exactly the hiring tweets they're looking for. 
      The amount of time Apoorv has spent spamming Twitter API and parsing out as much 
      information as possible from the little text those tweets have is definitely more 
      than enough to either get him banned from using the API ever again or get him 
      hired at Twitter.

      Too bad he doesn't have a link to show for this one yet. It's a crypto protocol, a 
      pretty cool one actually. Apoorv's been slacking off a lot lately, let's hope he 
      decides to complete this fast.
      A discord bot to create and manage multiple-choice polls on discord. It's a small 
      bot he made in around 3 hours because he couldn't find any good existing polling bots 
      for the Venlo server. It's a public open-source bot now, so feel free to use it.

      The Timeline:
      Wow, no link for this one too. No spoliers either.

      Yes, same.

BUGS         top

      Of course, it's all just a pile of bugs. Too many to count and write.

GNU VERSION         top

      He doesn't have one, sadly.

SEE ALSO         top

      Eliezer S. Yudkowsky -  Probably the best collection of essays on the internet 
      he knows of.
      Dancoland - A decent read on systems thinking.

      Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Pretty cool book.
      Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard - The text 
      that pushed him into philosophy, long ago.
      The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality - The book that 
      made him interested in physics.
      Compilers! - Don't click unless you're a masochist.

COLOPHON         top

      This page is created and maintained by Apoorv Singal. You can contact him on discord 
      at Kakashi#1202.

      There's a little story for why the page is titled libkakashi-dev, part of which is 
      already obvious from the layout of the page, the rest doesn't really make any 
      significant difference for it to be written explicitly.

      There's also a reason for why the title is libkakashi-dev(10) and not 
      libkakashi-dev(9), even though the unix manual sections end at 8, but again it doesn't 
      need to be explicitly explained.
                                     2021-10-25                          libkakashi-dev(10)